Water Damage Clean-up and Restoration

Why Choose Vector Restoration For Your Water Damage Needs?

Vector Restoration is licensed and certified to complete all phases of water restoration, including the entire rebuild and repair process. We are your one stop contractor for water damage. When it comes to the insurance process, Vector Restoration is familiar with all the complexities and possible challenges involved. We help expedite the process and make for a much smoother claims process. Insurance companies that call us to resolve the details of their clients’ claim will be working with a professional and experienced restoration company. Homeowners who work with us can rely on us to be their advocate throughout the process

Don’t Let Water Damage Continue to Harm Your Home

Interior water leaks can wreak havoc on a home, causing a significant amount of damage to your home. No matter how the water got there, it’s time you take action to get it out and fix the damage it has caused. Vector Restoration provides a range of water damage restoration services in the SWLA area. You can rely on us to complete all phases of the restoration process including:

  • Removing excess water, drying out the remaining moisture and cleaning the affected area

  • Removal of the damaged parts of the structure

  • Repairing and rebuilding the damaged area back to pre-disaster condition


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