As you’d probably expect, there’s a lot going on with your plumbing. Pipes are buried with debris or other construction materials around them. Or they’re hidden behind walls, under concrete or in hard to access places for decades in buildings where the ground has moved. A lot can happen with pipes that we don’t see!

Cracking, corrosion, or blockages from ground movement, tree intrusion or construction is common. And more often than not, it goes unnoticed. These plumbing and drainage systems are an integral part of our lives, so it’s only fair that when they’re suffering, we should give them some love!

  • Faster – It can often get the job done in just one day while the same repair could take several days or weeks using conventional methods.
  • Cost-effective – Using trenchless methods to repair a sewer might seem more expensive when compared to traditional methods until you factor in the cost of replacing damaged property. Remember, traditional techniques for repairing sewers are usually quite invasive. After the work is done you’ll be stuck with the bill for putting everything back together again. Depending on what needed to be destroyed to get to the damaged pipes, this could mean thousands of dollars in additional expenses.
  • Minimally-invasive – Because sewer pipes are underground and rather hard to get at, repairs usually involve some destruction of property and sometimes interior portions of your home. However, trenchless repair keeps this to a minimum.
  • Doesn’t destroy your property – Depending on where the damaged pipe is located, traditional methods might involve digging up floors and tearing down walls. The cost of fixing this kind of damage could be significant. Trenchless methods can often get the job done by digging only one or two small pits outside,  just enough to access the pipe.

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