Vector Restoration Leak Detection

Innovative Non-Invasive Leak Detection

Your home or business is an important investment. Why take a risk on someone who guesses where the leak is? Too often, plumbing companies convince home and business owners they need to re-pipe their property or open up a large area for a small leak, when just a simple leak repair is all that is necessary. With the help of our innovative imaging, infrared and listening devices, we can locate even the smallest pinhole-sized leak and its exact location with this equipment. This process allows us to isolate the area of damage and save you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Underground Leaks

Interior Property Leaks

Pool and Spa Leaks

Your plumbing works hard to supply your home with clean water while removing waste from your property, and it needs regular maintenance to continue performing at its best. An issue left untreated can quickly cause headaches from property damage to abnormally high utility bills. With Vector Restorations we are here to take the stress and responsibility of plumbing repairs off your shoulders. Whether you need to locate a leak behind your walls or your sewer line, our licensed & insured experts are only a phone call away.

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