Once you’ve learned about the benefits of encapsulation and have a quote from Vector Restoration, it may be immediately apparent to you that the best move is to have the work done. If, however, you’re hesitant on spending money on a part of the house you rarely visit, let’s look at some of the reasons to encapsulate:



Enhance comfort. 

With encapsulated units air and heat can efficiently heat and cool your home.

Breathe easier knowing its clean and healthy.  

HVAC air duct spaces have a huge impact on indoor air quality. If moisture has caused damage or mold, it needs to be removed and encapsulated to prevent moisture build-up.

Reduce the chances of costly repairs.

Moisture can cause many different kinds of damage. Whether your unit is in an attic or on main floor, you can have damage that extends past the unit itself.

Lower energy bills. 

Encapsulation can reduce energy bills by up to 20%, according to research.

An encapsulated HVAC is an attractive selling feature.

Potential buyers comparing two similar houses will find the one with an encapsulated HVAC more appealing. They will worry less about moisture damage or mold.