Bathtub Conversions in Lake Charles, LA

Bathtub Conversions in Lake Charles, LA

In our golden years, daily tasks can become trying and increasingly difficult as time goes by. If you or your loved ones are getting older and slips and falls are becoming a worry, consider making a lifestyle switch. Small changes, like a bathtub conversion on your existing tub, can create a safer day to day environment and help lessen the chances of slips and falls. If you think it’s time to make your bathtub or shower more accessible, you should call professionals to do the job. Call Vector Restoration.

Vector Restoration understands that a safe environment for you or your loved ones is essential for a comfortable and happy life. Bathtub conversions can take the stress out of day to day life for you or your family members.

Vector Restoration Bathtub Conversion Services

Tub to shower conversion is a bathtub modification process that modifies your existing bathtub, converting it into a walk-in shower (a process that can also be reversed). This process provides easier access into your bathtub without the need for replacement. It reduces the possibility of a fall and is a fraction of the cost compared to replacement.

Aging in place and handicap accessible modifications to include:

- tub to shower conversions
- grab bars
- safety seats
- non-slip bathtub and shower mats
- ramps
- and much more.

Don’t wait. Call Vector Restoration today to convert your tub

Don’t you want a safer, happier environment for yourself or a loved one? Help is a phone call away. We can create a safe bathroom that is easy to use. Call Vector Restoration today.