How Are You Going to Respond When Disaster Strikes?

Restoration construction services in Lake Charles, LA

Don’t let property damage take over your home or office. The moments after a break-in or a broken pipe are critical for filing a claim with your insurance company and restoring comfort to your property. Before further damage occurs, get in touch with the damage restoration experts at Vector Restoration in Lake Charles, LA. We offer comprehensive restoration construction services that are designed to get your residential or commercial property back to normal as quickly as possible.

We can help you recover after:

• Water or flood damage
• Fire or smoke damage
• Vandalism or break-ins
• Storm damage
• On-site accidents

Avoid issues filing an insurance claim

It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed when the integrity of your home or office is compromised. Fortunately, the insurance and restoration pros at Vector Restoration are at your disposal. Call 337-415-4600 to request an appointment for service. We’ll come out to your property, walk you through the insurance claims process and schedule a time to get started on your restoration.